Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire in Greenwood, MS

The fire at this residence actually happened in a sun room downstairs but the smoke entered the HVAC system and went through the entire house. The homeowner has asthma and the lingering smell was affecting their health. SERVPRO brought in air scrubbers and placed them throughout the home to help neutralize the smell and improve the air quality in the home.

Fire in Crawford, MS

As you can see this fire did not happen in the home but in a structure beside the home. Even so, the house was still affected by soot and the rooms as well as the carpet and upholstery needed to be cleaned.

Kitchen Fire in Columbus, MS

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Columbus when we arrived on the scene.   There was significant smoke and soot damage in the entire home.  The owners were very pleased with the cleaning process.

Fire in Mathiston, MS

Once our crew arrived onsite we found substantial damage to the kitchen and heavy smoke to the rest of the home.  This job required a complete tear out.  The homeowners were very pleased with the condition once our crews finished.

Attic fire in Columbus, MS

Attic fire in this home caused ceilings to fall.  The amount of debris was extensive, some content could not be saved due to insulation falling.  SERVPRO removed debris and stored content

Electrical fire in Starkville, MS

Electrical fire from outlet.  Caused damage to walls, ceilings and possibly floors.  SERVPRO assessed the damages once onsite and determined that all materials needed to be removed down to the studs.  

Kitchen Fire in Columbus Ms

This was the remaining smoke and soot after a kitchen fire.  The cabinets and affected material had been removed by contractors.  Brady is sponging the ceilings to start the process of restoration.